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John Swinney to Lord Hardie:  ‘Ouchy Ouchy …’

The Edinburgh Tram[s] Inquiry In amongst the flurry of interest caused by the publication of the [ a very long 960 single spaced pages] ‘Edinburgh Tram Inquiry’ there are two things that stand out for me  . If…

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Can we bridge the Consumer Aspiration Gap?

Today, ‘sustainability’ or ‘sustainable’ is a label plastered all over adverts for clothes, food, cosmetics, appliances, and other products as organisations claim that their sourcing of materials, or manufacturing or distribution process, are environmentally friendly. It is vital…

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A Good Influence?

This CSPP21 Guest Blog is created by Alba MacGillivray, a politics student at the University of Edinburgh . ‘Influencers’ are those who promote products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. In recent years,…

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Scottish Budget 2023 – this year [and next?]

Budgets come in 3 forms…. There are the dull [ though we have not had many of those in recent memory]. Those that explode spectacularly [ think Kwasi Kwarteng just a few months ago and the Gordon Brown…

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Guest Post: Dave Watson

Rebalancing the UK Dave Watson is a semi-retired former Scottish trade union policy wonk, now working on a range of projects. “All views are my own, not any of the organisations I work with. You can also follow…

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Your Money or Your Life

It’s not unusual for the people who run large organisations to occasionally set time aside to think about some fundamental aspects of the organisation and how it operates. It may be an ‘away day’ [or even two days],…

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