We are ‘The Centre for Scottish Public Policy 2021’; our short name that you will see on the Logo and often used by us is  ‘CSPP21’.

We are a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC051458.

We are entirely reliant for our survival on the support and generosity of members and supporters; we have no continuing financial support from any of governments or their agencies or other large organisations.

CSPP21 has been created to further stimulate and encourage non-partisan and cross -party debate about all aspects of the development and implementation of public policy in Scotland whether under current constitutional arrangements or some alternative.

By the term ‘public policy ‘ we mean the publicly stated ambitions, and the implementation of such ambitions, of public bodies and other organisations  in Scotland. Our interest  also extends to bodies outwith Scotland that have any engagement and  interest in,  and impact upon,  Scotland and those who live here.

This might  include the UK government and devolved administrations elsewhere in the UK; some  international organisations; other governments ; local governments; governmental agencies ; third sector and charitable organisations ; international agencies and trading companies.

CSPP21 will develop our involvement in public policy  through the promotion of public events, publications in all forms of media, and collaboration with similar organisations with any purpose that is consistent with our charitable objectives .

As an organisation we have supporters from various political parties and those with  no political affiliation. We will develop and support critical debate about public policy options whatever their source or support .

Who we are & what we do

Our central purpose – as we hope the name shows – is to examine Scottish Public Policy and to provide another critical voice and commentary on the ideas, strategies and policies.

Ideas & Discussion

The Centre is engaged in developing public policy in a number of ways. We explore different aspects of policy, comment on these and suggest options for change and development.

Join CSPP21

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16 who supports the aims of CSPP21. Find out more about joining us and donate to the charitable centre.